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KARGA Climber Waistpack

KARGA Climber Waistpack

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DIMENSIONS (H x W x D): 7.8 x 10.2 x 4.7 in
CAPACITY: 6 Liters
WEIGHT: 20.4 oz
MAIN FABRIC: Hydro Nylon®

• LARGE AND FUNCTIONAL SPACE WITH 6 LITERS OF INTERNAL CAPACITY: Enjoy an intelligent design that offers ample internal space, ideal for accommodating various items in your daily life. With a generous capacity of 6 liters, our fanny pack provides practicality and versatility for your everyday activities.

• WATERPROOF HYDRO NYLON FABRIC WITH REPELLENT: The Hydro Nylon fabric offers total waterproofing, while the repellent layer on top provides additional protection against water and wear over time.

• COMPRESSION SIDE HANDLES FOR INCREASED MOBILITY AND BALANCE: Compression side straps not only compress the load close to the body for an ergonomic experience, but also contribute to balance, ensuring comfortable mobility.

• VERSATILITY WITH CONVERTIBLE HAND AND SHORT STRAPS: Versatility is key with the top and shoulder straps, allowing you to choose the carrying style that best suits your needs for a variety of occasions.

• ELASTIC HANDLES AND SLIDING ZIPPERS: Elastic handles on the zippers simplify operation, making it easier to open and close the compartments, providing practicality in your daily life.

• MESH SIDE POCKETS FOR QUICK-DRYING ORGANIZATION: Two mesh side pockets provide additional space, allowing for efficient organization of small objects and ensuring easy access when needed. Plus, the quick-drying canvas keeps your belongings dry and ready to go.

• NYLON LACES AND EASY ADJUSTMENT: Nylon laces not only glide smoothly for easy adjustment, but also ensure a personalized fit, providing continuous comfort.

• AIR-MESH BACK FOR COMFORT AND SWEAT ABSORPTION: The back with "Air-Mesh" and foam offers maximum comfort, efficiently absorbing sweat during prolonged use.

• REFLECTIVE DETAILS FOR ADDITIONAL SAFETY: Reflective details increase safety by providing additional visibility, especially in low-light conditions.

• INTEGRATED KEYCHAIN FOR PRACTICALITY: The integrated keychain is a practical solution for keeping your keys accessible at any time, saving time and avoiding inconvenience.

• SAFETY AND RESISTANCE SEAMS: Safety seams at all stress points offer exceptional durability, preventing possible breakages and ensuring a resistant fanny pack.

• ELASTIC ROPES FOR EXTRA LOAD SUPPORT: The elastic ropes offer additional support for extra loads, expanding the versatility of the fanny pack for different situations and activities.

• WIDE AND VERSATILE WAIST STRAP: The wide waist strap not only provides effective waist support, but can also be worn cross-body, providing versatile and adjustable wearing options.

• INTERNAL ORGANIZATION WITH DIVISIONS: Improve the internal organization of your fanny pack with strategically positioned dividers. This feature offers specific spaces to accommodate personal items in an organized way, providing practicality and easy access during your daily activities.

• KARGA LABEL IN FLEXIBLE ANTI-COUNTERFEITING PVC: The KARGA label in flexible PVC micro injection not only increases the definition of the logo, but also serves as an anti-counterfeiting measure, guaranteeing the authenticity of the product.

• INTERNAL FINISHING REINFORCED WITH POLYPROPYLENE LACE: The internal finish reinforced with polypropylene laces ensures a solid construction, increasing the resistance and overall durability of the fanny pack.

• DURABLE BLACK NICKEL #5 ZIPPER GLIDERS: Black nickel dyed #5 zipper glides are aesthetically appealing and durable, resisting wear and tear and retaining color over time.
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