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KARGA Fighter 3 Backpack

KARGA Fighter 3 Backpack

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DIMENSIONS (H x W x D): 16.1 x 11.8 x 6.7 in
CAPACITY: 25 Liters
WEIGHT: 26 oz
MAIN FABRIC: Hydro Nylon®

• EXCLUSIVE HYDRO NYLON® FABRIC: Developed from ultra-resistant, 100% waterproof nylon fiber, reinforced with soft and flexible PVC, covered with water-repellent, for a lightweight, durable and resistant backpack.

• TRADITIONAL AND WIDE MODELING: Rectangular design that offers different compartments and functionalities to meet different needs.

• SPACIOUS MAIN COMPARTMENT: Designed to accommodate notebooks, books, clothes and sneakers, you can even take your notebook and tablet, ensuring protection without damaging your belongings.

• EFFICIENT INTERNAL ORGANIZATION: Organization compartment equipped with internal dividers for tablets, cell phones, pads, sheets, keys, cards, pens, pencils and notes.

• STRATEGIC FRONT POCKET: It has ample internal space and a shallow zippered pocket to store various essential items.

• MESH SIDE POCKETS: It has 2 mesh side pockets to accommodate bottles and other items. Ventilated, they promote quick drying.

• RESISTANT NYLON REGULATORS: Highly resistant and durable components guarantee the integrity of the backpack in all situations.

• REFLECTIVE TAPE FOR NIGHT SAFETY: Adds an extra layer of safety by reflecting light, providing visibility in nighttime environments.

• INTEGRATED ELASTIC KEYCHAIN: Keep your keys always close at hand, avoiding wasted time and facilitating access.

• 12 SAFETY SEAMS: Reinforcement at all tension points to prevent tearing and guarantee the durability of the backpack.

• ELASTIC ROPES FOR EXTRA LOAD: Facilitate the transport of items such as sneakers, sandals, rackets, coats and towels.

• HAND AND SHORT STRAPS: Offer versatile carrying options to adapt to your style and needs.

• COMFORTABLE FOAMED BACK STRAPS: With one-piece laces and internal reinforcements to ensure comfort during long periods of use.

• ELASTIC HANDLES ON ZIPPERS: Make opening and closing compartments easier, providing practicality in everyday life.

• KARGA LABEL IN FLEXIBLE PVC: Micro injection that increases the definition of the logo, preventing forgery and guaranteeing authenticity.

• INTERNAL FINISHING IN POLYPROPYLENE LACE: Reinforces the entire structure of the backpack, ensuring its solid and durable construction.

• ZIPPER SLIDERS #5 IN BLACK NICKEL: They do not peel and maintain their color, adding a stylish and resistant touch to the product.
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